May 11, 2016


Verizon Launches Actifio-Powered Data Backup Service

The service handles backup for virtualized infrastructures with colocation, hosting, off-premises servers and other public clouds.

Verizon, elbowing itself into the cloud services market against Amazon, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft, Google and a raft of others, is adding new enterprise-level functionality to its features lineup.


The latest is data backup with an intentional emphasis on copy data management. The giant telecom's Enterprise Solutions division revealed May 11 that it has joined with Boston-based storage provider Actifio to launch its new cloud backup service.


This service will support customers using virtualized infrastructures—including a combination of co-location, hosting, off-premises servers and other public clouds—to enable a unified hybrid cloud environment in which data is easy to manage and protect, Verizon said.


Actifio's platform for Verizon controls copy data, which is everything that is not currently being used in production. Actifio pioneered this approach with its copy data virtualization (CDV) several years ago, but it is now provided by multiple vendors.

Actifo's CDV applies the same virtualization approach to data it did with servers more than a dozen years ago. It frees data from the use case-defined silos of infrastructure that characterize older-generation data management architectures, enabling enterprises to better use their apps, according to the company.

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