August 26, 2018


The Personalization Summit of 2018 Will Reveal Strategies to the Theme Realizing the One-to-One Dream

The Premier Industry Event, Hosted by Evergage, is to Feature Industrial Speakers and Personalized Insights from Global Brands 

Evergage, the 1-to-1 Platform Company, has announced its agenda for its 5th annual Personalization Summit. The summit is scheduled to be held from September 11-13 at the Boston Park Plaza. The theme of the summit is “Realizing One-to-One Dream” which is a premier industry event, featuring keynotes from CX Luminary Don Peppers and Evergage CEO Karl Wirth. The industry event will also provide techniques and strategies, along with panel discussions, case studies and exclusive workshops which will help attendees deliver relevant and tailored customer experiences at individual levels.

Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and author of the award-winning book “One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning” said, “For so long, the one-to-one dream was, for marketers, exactly that… a dream. But in the last few years – as companies have begun harnessing AI and machine learning, customer data platforms, and predictive analytics – we’ve seen an important move from one-to-many communications to true one-to-one personalization. The benefits of treating people as individuals are tremendous – particularly as they relate to improving loyalty, engagement, conversions and customer experience. We’re excited to share with attendees how the notion of delivering one-to-one experiences at digital scale is rapidly moving from a dream to a business imperative.”

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