August 3, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle

QuickPay wants to make parking easier

San Francisco entrepreneur Barney Pell walked into a puzzling sight as he exited his car in a Mission District parking lot one Saturday night last August. He was on his way to Silicon Valley journalist Sarah Lacy's annual barbecue when a man he described as 'trustable enough' asked him to pay for his parking spot via a mobile phone application.

Pell obliged, and ended up getting much more than a parking place.
This week, Pell stepped in as the new CEO of that service, QuickPay, which also announced $3.5 million in seed funding.

QuickPay brings parking lots and garages into the cloud, allowing dynamic pricing, data collection about customers, lower labor costs and payment collection through phones. It's in a market full of competitors with slightly different offerings, but Pell, analysts and investors all say that there is plenty of room in the $9 billion parking industry for innovations that remove stress from the experience.
'The key is to accelerate the market by executing as fast as we can,' he said.

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