April 12, 2016


Mirakl Announces Strategic Partnership with ChannelAdvisor

Mirakl have announced a strategic partnership with ChannelAdvisor which enables retailers and branded manufacturers to integrate, manage, and optimise merchandise sales across hundreds of online channels.

Through this partnership, Mirakl customers can now choose to add the Access ChannelAdvisor program announced in ChannelAdvisor’s Autumn release to their overall marketplace solution.

With this ChannelAdvisor plug-in, Mirakl customers gain access a large database of sellers in the world, and can easily onboard new sellers to their marketplace. Likewise, sellers that use ChannelAdvisor also have access to marketplace sites built using Mirakl’s technology and may sell their offerings to new audiences. 

By adding Access ChannelAdvisor to the Mirakl Marketplace solution, retailers can better manage the synchronization of all product and order data across ChannelAdvisor and Mirakl via a seamless API-based integration. Specifically, the feature allows Mirakl customers to access:

  • Real-time product updates across channels – customers can add and update product content, updates to quantity and price, and enable or disable products on the site.
  • Expanded visibility into order fulfillment – customers gain the option to work cohesively with ChannelAdvisor sellers to manage orders, shipment details, and actively manage cancellations and refunds.

This announcement makes a lot of sense for both Mirakl and ChannelAdvisor. In recent year’s we’ve seen ChannelAdvisor’s focus move up the ecommerce food chain to service ever larger retailers and brands. These are the type of businesses with the scale to consider their own marketplace and Mirakl is always going to be a strong contender for a retailer marketplace platform.

Equally Mirakl users will already be retailers with scale and as well as inviting third party retailers to list on their own marketplace, are likely in turn to want to sell on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten and other marketplaces around the world, with ChannelAdvisor well positioned to assist.

Mirakl and ChannelAdvisor looks like a win win partnership.