January 1, 2017


Marketing Resolutions For 2017 From CEOs And CMOs

As the new year begins, I thought it would be interesting to hear from CEOs and CMOs on the resolutions they have for marketing and marketers. Below is a collection from a variety of different companies and industries--from GE to CareerBuilder to Ashley Stewart to Comcast.

Make Data Actionable, And Prioritize Personalization

James Rhee, Chairman and CEO, Ashley Stewart

As we look for new strategies to engage customers, it’s important to analyze the volumes of website, campaign and customer data in a quick, automated and smart way. So on the marketing side, we’re resolving to make all our data easily viewable and actionable, so we can identify and prioritize trends, and maximize engagement. We’ll also continue to prioritize personalization so we can reach customers, across channels, with fashions and offers most relevant to them.

Spend More Time On The Front Lines, And Simplify The Message

John Lenzen, CMO, CareerBuilder

From a personal perspective, in 2017, I’d like to spend much more time with customers, salespeople and our customer success teams. It’s too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and lose sight of reality on the ground. From a business perspective, I’d like to improve simplification of our positioning and messaging – never an easy thing to do when you have a rapidly expanding portfolio of offerings and target markets.

Don’t Let Culture Eat Transformation For Breakfast

Aaron Darcy, CMO, GE Digital 

GE has been on a digital transformation journey for five years, and now our customers are embarking on their own digital transformations. A critical component is culture. There’s no doubt – culture transformation is hard. It includes things like infusing new DNA and permitting more risk for innovation. My resolution is to continue to set achievable goals up front and use early success proof points to drive culture transformation within GE Digital and for our customers.

Drive Success Based On What’s Worked, And Emphasize Prioritization

Robin Saitz, CMO, Brainshark

My 2017 resolution is to look hard at our 2016 results, do more of what’s working, improve what’s not meeting expectations and stop activities that haven’t contributed to our goals. With so many ideas and possibilities to explore, we have to make strategic choices and drive alignment. We also want to ensure marketing is doing right by our sales organization, giving them content that measurably works to accelerate the selling process and grow deal size.

Recommit To Company Values Throughout Perpetual Growth

Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight

As we cross 400 employees (up from 17 about three years ago), we need to continue to live the values that got us started – The Golden Rule, Success For All and Childlike Joy. For 2017, we added two new values to reflect our ambition (Stay Thirsty, My Friends) and curiosity (Shoshin – Beginners’ Mind). Next year we’re committed to spending MORE time on our values, because living them takes MORE work as we grow.

Embrace ABM To Woo And Win Prospects, And Keep Them Delighted

Andy Zimmerman, CMO, Evergage

Account-based marketing (ABM) is getting a lot of attention among B2B marketers – and for good reason. In 2017, we’re resolving to elevate ABM in our marketing strategy. When “top 100” prospects land on our site, we’ll welcome the company by name and recommend specific, industry-relevant resources. We want to make sure we’re giving them “white-glove” treatment. A personalized approach should start in pre-sales and continue throughout the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.

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