November 24, 2015


Law firm makes a case for Actifio copy data virtualization

Atlanta-based Sutherland Asbill & Brennan chose Actifio for a specific task, but extended its copy data virtualization for all of its data protection needs.

Law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP brought in Actifio Inc. copy data virtualization appliances in mid-2014 to help complete a tricky file-system move across data centers. Within a year, the firm ditched Commvault software and adopted Actifio for all of its data protection.

Sutherland, with headquarters in Atlanta, has offices throughout the United States, as well as London and Geneva. David Tefft, Sutherland's director of network operations, said the firm has approximately 1,000 IT users.

Tefft said he came across Actifio when looking for a way to solve a particular problem.

"We had a 70-terabyte file system that we needed to move from our Virginia data center to our Atlanta data center," he said. "We didn't want to physically pick everything up and move it, because we couldn't allow for that amount of downtime. It was litigation-type data -- millions and millions and millions of little files, so a typical backup to tape and restore would've taken too long. We also wanted to protect a legacy accounting system that doesn't have any built-in data protection."

Actifio's copy data virtualization reduces the number of copies an organization needs to store. It keeps a physical golden master for instant use and spins up copies for tasks such as backup, disaster recovery, test and development, and analytics. The goal is to alleviate the need for separate infrastructure for all of those functions. After the initial capture, an Actifio appliance ingests only changed blocks of data.

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