April 13, 2015

Accounting Today

Host Analytics Launches Modeling Cloud Module

Cloud-based enterprise performance management provider Host Analytics launched the Host Analytics Modeling Cloud, a new module in its cloud EPM suite designed to serve users wherever they work in a “write once, run anywhere” architecture.

Designed for both finance and operations professionals, the cloud modeling engine integrates with the EPM suite to support users where they work, whether in Excel or a web browser, with other capabilities like advanced modeling catered to more sophisticated users, or “power modelers.”

The advanced modeling enables users to slice out data, adding dimensions, member calculations and sub-models. The function “lets them have a conversation with the data,” said Host Analytics chief marketing officer Lance Walter. “It lets me torture the secrets I want out of the data and answer high-value business questions.”

These analytic views and reports are saved in a centralized and secure data store to be accessed cross-platform, with the intent of uniting the back office with operations and promoting collaboration.

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