May 30, 2018


Host Analytics introduces MyPlan to simplify collaboration between finance and business users

Host Analytics introduces MyPlan, MyPlan Mobile to enable budget owners on the business side to collaborate on forecasts, plans, and agile course corrections.

Budget owners on the business side don't want to use software designed for financial professionals any more than finance types want business people interacting with data or software features they shouldn't see or touch.

These prevailing instincts are the reason Host Analytics (Host) recently added a business user-oriented MyPlan interface for its cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) system. At its May 21 to May 23 Host Perform user conference, the company followed up by announcing MyPlan Mobile, a device-native app (initially on iOS) designed to keep executives who are on the go connected to budgeting and planning processes.

Held this year in Dallas and attended by some 700 customers, Host Perform also highlighted recent upgrades and coming attractions to the vendor's software-as-a-service-based EPM platform. But MyPlan and MyPlan Mobile were the clear centers of keynote and expo-floor attention.

EPM vendors are all fond of saying that budgeting and planning should be a team sport. And in a perfect world, finance wouldn't rely on emailed spreadsheets and other disconnected, manual methods to gather data and collaborate with budget owners around forecasts and plans. EPM systems give finance a centralized, collaborative platform for budgeting and planning, but these systems have not typically seen broad adoption outside of finance. In Host's assessment that's because EMP systems are designed, first and foremost, for finance professionals and are not familiar or intuitive for business users.

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