February 12, 2009


Handango Releases Top 10 Lists for 2008

Handango released its top 10 lists for 2008, and Spb Software, a mobile applications developer, took top honors.

Selling at $29.95, Spb Software’s Mobile Shell 2.1.4, a user interface for Windows-based phones, was Handango’s No. 1 downloaded application for 2008.

MobiTV’s streaming television application took second place in the overall category.

Handango’s release includes separate lists for each platform Handango services - RIM, Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Mobile Standard, Palm OS, Symbian and Android - as well as a list that includes the top 10 downloaded applications across all platforms.

The overall top 10 might surprise, with utilities taking all spots, excluding games entirely.

Spb Software took four of 10 spots in the overall category, with its Spb Backup 2.0.1 (a file backup application), Spb Pocket Plus 4.0.2 (a screen plug-in), and Spb Phone Suite 1.3 (a suite of phone features) falling in fourth, fifth and seventh respectively.

Although it didn’t make the overall top 10, the games category continued to experience double-digit growth. Games accounted for 11 percent of top category sales in 2007 and grew to 19 percent of top category sales in 2008. Spb’s Brain Evolution 2.1 took the top spot across all platforms in the games category.

The newest platform offered by Handango, Android, had the lowest average selling price of any platform, with games making up 11 of its top 25 applications. Messaging and games accounted for 60 percent of Android’s top category sales.