September 12, 2018

MarTech Series

Evergage Unveils Evergage Gears, Empowering Companies to Extend Evergage Core Capabilities

Increasingly Serving as the Central Hub for Companies’ Digital Interactions, Evergage Introduces New Framework – for Creating and Using Connectors, Extensions, Templates and Custom Reports That Enhance the Value of the Evergage Personalization and Customer Data Platform

Evergage, The 1-to-1 Platform company, introduced Evergage Gears, a new framework that empowers customers and partners to create and use connectors, extensions, templates and custom reports for the Evergage platform.  With Evergage Gears, companies can quickly and easily integrate Evergage with other systems, add functionality to extend the platform’s power and core capabilities, and take advantage of templates and custom reports to simplify campaign creation and data analysis tasks.

 Evergage is unveiling this new framework at its fifth annual Personalization Summit, the premier event for personalization taking place this week in Boston, featuring speakers from Carhartt, Citrix, Dell, The Boston Consulting Group and more.

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Reflecting Evergage’s rapid growth, the framework comes as Evergage “is increasingly being used by its clients as the central data hub for visitor and customer intelligence to drive 1-to-1 digital experiences,” according to 451 Research. As the leading personalization and customer data platform (CDP), Evergage powers in-the-moment personalization for billions of people worldwide. Creating and drawing from a single, unified profile for each customer, visitor and account, Evergage delivers maximally relevant, individualized experiences across websites, email, web and mobile apps, and onsite search – faster than the blink of an eye.

Evergage Gears builds on the partnerships and integrations Evergage already supports with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, empowering developers to leverage the platform’s data and connectivity to create next-generation personalization functionality and business-specific experiences, and use machine learning in new ways. The new framework leverages the platform’s robust APIs, webhooks and orchestration capabilities that have been built to support the most sophisticated enterprise business requirements. Evergage Gears also expands on the acclaimed features and capabilities of the Evergage platform – including individual and account-level profiles; deep behavioral data; contextual understanding of customers’ businesses; real-time decisioning and experience delivery; and machine learning-driven insights and personalization delivered natively across web, email and mobile touchpoints, and through integration into ad-tech, social, contact center and in-branch/in-store channels.

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