May 30, 2017

Marketing Technology Insights

Evergage to Accelerate B2B Personalization and ABM

Companies to be Empowered to Advance Personalized Experiences Based on a Deeper Visitor Understanding

Evergage, a renowned real-time personalization platform company has reinforced its Evergage B2B Detect with the addition of rich firmographic data, which will allow B2B companies to enhance their personalization techniques along with their account-based marketing. The updated Evergage B2B Detect will now enable B2B marketers to engage their high-value web visitors at the account level, with no extra charge. The solution pulling in firmographic data will determine the key company attributes based on a visitors’ company background, industry, and geography. This will improve the outcome of account based marketing by delivering real-time personalized web experiences backed by relevant messages, content, images and calls-to-action.

Evergage B2B Detect delivers the following solutions:

• Generates personalized experiences based on a deep analysis of the visitors’ organizational background including company size, revenue, location, technologies in use and more

• Drives relevant content and messaging for key prospects in real time to improve engagement with targeted accounts and industry segments

• Offers valuable insights on anonymous website traffic that enables B2B marketers to effectively analyze the nature and composition of their visitor base


Evergage has also updated its unified customer profile (UCP) to provide extensive account-level details to empower marketers with a comprehensive view of each visitor and the associated company along with their past and present digital interactions and journeys with the brand. The updated UCP will seamlessly draw information such as company logo, revenue, description, the number of employees, social media links, and contact details.

Bob Peterson, senior research director of account-based marketing at SiriusDecisions said, “According to the recent data in our ABM command center, investment in ABM is expected to be strong again in the next 12 months, with more than 60 percent of respondents stating that their future ABM expense would be greater or significantly greater than last year. We’re seeing investment in many technology areas, including predictive analytics, web personalization, and account-based advertising, among others. Sellers must find ways to deliver customized experiences to the right accounts in order to optimize their results.”

Andy Zimmerman, Evergage CMO, said, “Other companies charge a premium to use firmographic data, but we believe that high-impact personalization shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. Evergage gives B2B companies everything they need for analyzing their anonymous traffic and delivering powerful personalization – including the ability to segment and tailor experiences for target accounts and industries. With our machine-learning algorithms, marketers can also personalize at the 1:1 level – delivering unique experiences based on each person’s in-the-moment interests, actions, and intent. No other solution provides these comprehensive capabilities for delivering spot-on, maximally relevant, real-time experiences.”