January 26, 2017


Evergage Recommend Updates Provide Greater Personalization

Evergage announced new updates to its Evergage Recommend platform on Tuesday, adding machine-learning algorithms that aim to deliver more personalized recommendations in digital marketing.

Evergage, a real-time personalization company, offers a cloud-based platform that combines customer data and behavioral analytics to provide more personalized marketing. The company’s recommendation engine, Evergage Recommend, proposes products that a consumer is most likely to be interested in based on their real-time shopping behavior. Those recommendations are available to consumers via a variety of digital channels, including email marketing.

Now Evergage Recommend can also offer the ability to create, layer and deploy algorithms that offer a more personalized experience across Web sites, mobile applications, emails and onsite search.

Evergage has added three new core algorithms to Evergage Recommend that can be added to marketing campaigns: Similar Items, Most Recently Published and Soon to Expire. From a B2C perspective, these algorithms are helpful in recommending products, such as items of clothing or toys -- and could also be helpful to B2B marketers by offering relevant case studies, resources and videos based on the visitor’s interests and behavior.

A new SmartTrends feature highlights products or services that are trending in popularity, listing the number of viewers who had checked out the item. 

Evergage has also introduced SmartNav to its recommendation engine, a new feature intended to help marketers personalize their brand’s Web site experience for each individual customer that visits, potentially highlighting key categories or products that the visitor would be most interested in. 

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