March 15, 2016

CMS Wire

Evergage Gets Personal with Smart Search

omerville, Mass.–based Evergage has two new capabilities that aim to help marketers promote relevant results for each individual visitor in real time.

The search and sort capabilities — Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort — are features of the Evergage Recommend platform. Evergage produces real-time personalization via a standalone technology that adds JavaScript to websites. 

Through the search and sort capabilities, marketers can use existing algorithms/personalization “recipes” set up in Evergage Recommend or create new ones.

'Granular Data'

evergage ceo karl wirth

"Classic analytics and most personalization platforms capture things like, 'Did I click on this car? Did I add it to the cart? Was it sometime in the past or in this session?' And based on that, they make algorithmic recommendations," said Karl Wirth, CEO and co-founder of Evergage. 

Evergage, he said, captures more granular data. 

"We get at intent because we feel that your behavior is one of the best indicators of intent," Wirth told CMSWire. 

"If I came to the site 'sometime in the past,' well that's not a very granular indicator of my interest. But if I know someone's come four times in the past week and also exactly when, that shows continued interest over time."

Inside the Tech


Evergage introduced its search functions with its SmartSearch. Auto-suggested product images and details appear in drop-downs near the search bars. The products are based on current and past session interests, past purchases, brand affinities, price range preferences and other factors. 

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