October 3, 2018

Tame Bay

DHL and ChannelAdvisor partner to help merchants grow

DHL eCommerce and ChannelAdvisor have struck a partnership that they say will help merchants, retailers and brands more easily expand internationally by reaching foreign markets and delivering to customers around the world.

We’re excited about this strategic alliance between DHL and ChannelAdvisor, which brings together two industry-leading companies to power the e-commerce opportunity for brands and retailers across the globe. By leveraging technology platforms, retailers and brands can accelerate their cross border e-commerce strategy by easily expanding to new regions and selling to anyone, anywhere. This is made even easier with a global e-commerce logistics partner like DHL to ensure a seamless order fulfillment and shipping process.
– Charles Brewer, CEO, DHL eCommerce

You’ll likely be familiar with ChannelAdvisor. It’s an ecommerce service that helps merchants sell on marketplaces and improve their online performance by optimizing their operations. With a single product data feed, retailers and brands can sync with over 107 marketplaces. As orders and performance information flow back to the system, results are analysed and broken down to enable retailers/brands to optimize their ecommerce strategies.

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