May 2, 2011

Mercury News (Australia)

Cool new technology for weightloss

You've heard of fat blasting and liposuction but did you know you can cool your podgy parts to get rid of that unwanted flab?

The Andergrove Medical Centre has purchased a breakthrough technology, CoolSculpting, which is said to help shed those unwanted ‘love handles', bulges and little rolls from your body using a new, non-invasive procedure.

The CoolSculpting procedure involves Cryolipolysis , which was developed by dermatologists in the United States.

Their research showed that fat cells were naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissues, and that fat cells could be safely eliminated without harming the surrounding skin.

“I laid back and watched the presentation, that took up the whole hour and it was fine, totally painless,” said Robin Lydon, who volunteered to be a guinea pig when the staff at Andergrove Medical first got the machine.

“They just sort of applied the vacuum and that was it. After, it was just a bit numb and tingly, but that was it,” she said. “I expect to notice a difference pretty soon.”

The machine is aimed at people who already maintain a certain fitness level but who may have a couple of bulges they are not happy with.

“The cooling area triggers death of the fat cells,” Dr Charles Voisot, of Andergrove Medical Centre, said.

“The CoolSculpting procedure is different to other procedures because it uses cooling technology to safely target and eliminate fat cells without harming the skin,” he said.

“In just a few months following the procedure there is a gradual reduction in the thickness of the fat layer,” he said.

How many treatments a patient needs depends on their body shape. For example, men usually have two treatments because of the ‘love handles' they acquire.

“If someone is about 40, trying to lose weight they may have around the belly, they usually lose weight off the face or somewhere else,” Dr Voisot said.

“These people are already fit because of exercise; the CoolSculpting procedure is more aimed at the people who are relatively fit with pouches of fat they cannot budge.”

Dr Voisot said the procedure was not intended for weight reduction and not intended to replace other invasive procedures, like liposuction, designed for those seeking a more pronounced result.

“This treatment is not to lose weight at all, it is more about sculpting your body,” he said.

For more information, contact the Andergrove Medical Centre on 49425099.


Developed by dermatologists in the US