June 27, 2013


Cloud upstart Host Analytics is a cloud piranha taking big bites out of Oracle enterprise sales


This means war.

In the $5 billion enterprise performance management market, upstart Host Analytics is tripling revenue, winning clients like Tesla, Pandora Radio, Groupon, Crocs, and Marketo … and promising a 75 percent savings in total cost of ownership versus the incumbent.

Yeah, that would be Oracle.

“Larry Ellison has done a lot of hand-waving about the cloud,” chief executive Dave Kellogg told me this morning. “But I haven’t seen any traction for Oracle moving any existing products into the cloud. They’re trying, but their customers are getting there faster than Oracle is.”

Host Analytics is in that sometimes mysterious and amorphous chunk of the enterprise market known as enterprise performance management or business performance management: planning, financial reporting, analysis, and monitoring. In other words, all the “fun” stuff that people who actually liked math in high school work on. The problem is that this is often the last part of the business to benefit from new technology.

Which is precisely what gives Host Analytics an edge.

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