July 16, 2015

The Enterprise Leader

ChannelAdvisor Corporation a Top Growth Pick

ChannelAdvisor Corporation (NYSE:ECOM) has received a top Growth Style score from Zack’s Research. The growth score is based on company financials as well as the company’s prospects for future growth. The score is a result of analysis of various aspects of the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement and Income Statement. Stocks that are given a high growth score tend to have the characteristics resulting in market outperformance. 

Individuals or firms looking to invest in ChannelAdvisor Corporation (NYSE:ECOM) might also take into consideration the long term analyst estimates on the stock. Sell-side firms tracked by Zacks have a long term growth estimate of N/A, on a consensus basis. This figure is based on earnings and sales projected over the next three to five years. Looking to the near future, Wall Street brokerages have a one-year price target of $10.5 on the stock. This is the average number from the 2 analysts who have published ratings in the past 6 months. 

Sell-side brokerages use a variety of different terms for their ratings on the stock. Zacks has created a simplified scale where the number one represents a Strong Buy and the number five represents a Strong Sell. Using this simplified scale, ChannelAdvisor Corporation has a rating of 3.

The analyst price targets on the stock range from $10 from the most bearish outlook to $11 from the most bullish analyst.

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