June 15, 2015


Cambridge's ThinkingPhones Is on a Hiring Tear

The business communications provider doubled its staff since last year, and opened a number of new global offices.

Technology may have changed a lot about the way we live—but oddly, our business communications methods haven't gotten much smarter and more advanced. That conundrum is exactly what inspired Steve Kokinos and Derek Yoo to launch their Cambridge-based company ThinkingPhones, which provides cloud-based unified communications services, nine years ago. In December, ThinkingPhones raised a $56.7 million Series D funding round, bringing the total it’s banked to date to $89 million and placing the company among the top-funded privately held tech firms in the Boston area. And in recent years, the firm has launched a handful of new offices around the world while ramping up hiring efforts in a major way.

“We started this company because we couldn’t understand why people continued to by the same old communication systems over and over and over again,“ Kokinos told me in a phone interview. “If you look at the phones people have on their desks—they’re antiquated tools that don’t serve their needs—and haven’t for a long time.”

ThinkingPhones unifies voice, text, and conferencing services, with the goal of allowing people to communicate in any mode they want, and with rich context. In 2010, the firm launched one of the first mobile business phone applications on the iOS store and then later released an Android version of its service. And in February, ThinkingPhones acquired Contactive, a big data company that connects profiles created by people and businesses online and links them with a telephone number to create an identity graph.

“When you called me just now, instead of only seeing your number — I could have seen your name, picture, job title, and even the recent articles you wrote,” Kokinos said.

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