September 1, 2018


Best cloud analytics of 2018

Gather and exploit business intel with these super cloud tools


1. Microsoft Power Bi

2. Host Analytics

3. Zoho Reports

4. Domo

5. IBM Watson Analytics

Read on for our detailed analysis of each service

Business Analytics is the practice of consolidating and examining business intelligence. This helps you better understand the performance of a particular employee, department or product. With enough data you can also use business analytics to make forecasts about future performance. There are a number of business analytic tools available online. In this guide, we’ve focused on cloud analytics, as keeping your data online keeps your information in sync across your organization.

All of these tools not only allow you to import data but generate detailed reports, which you can then share with your colleagues. As they’re based in the cloud, many platforms follow a flexible per-user pricing model so you only have to pay more as your organization grows.

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