October 17, 2017


Actifio Sky adds intelligent search across clouds

Actifio's Sky goes beyond copy data management. It searches and manages data across clouds and on-premises storage with new analytics and a global catalog.

A copy data management pioneer is remaking its image into a data-as-a-service company. With Actifio Sky Platform 8, the vendor incorporated upgrades ranging from support for more public clouds to the ability to intelligently search data no matter where it is located.

The changes reflect how much more important the cloud has become for data management compared to when Actifio started shipping its software in 2011.

The vendor's core technology is the Actifio Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP). Actifio VDP is a global distributed object file system that runs in the public cloud on an Actifio Copy Data Storage physical appliance or on Actifio Sky virtual appliances. Actifio VDP decouples data from the infrastructure to allow tailored service-level agreements for each application.

"This represents several years of development work," said Brian Reagan, chief marketing officer at Actifio, based in Waltham, Mass. "This is the foundation technology that sets the base for the next 10 years [for Actifio]. Cloud has gone from being a curiosity to something that is front and center for every business application discussion."

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