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Learning occurs when people take a position, yet remain open to new perspectives. We have found that successful companies carefully balance diversity of thought with alignment of goals.

We represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. We take a balanced, thoughtful approach to each opportunity. We learn as much from when we're wrong as when we're right. We value and encourage spirited discourse and the perspectives it brings.

  • technology blog Mike Carusi
    Going Overseas: 14 hours to a board meeting in Australia

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”  These immortal words were echoed by Dorothy in the 1939 acclaimed film The Wizard of Oz.  I found myself ushering forth these same words during a recent trip to the real Land of Oz:  Australia.  I traveled south of the... read more

  • technology blog Dharmesh Thakker
    Investment The Evolution of 'Tech' in Cleantech

    Cleantech 1.0 from 2004-08 was dominated by solar and bio-fuel startups, founded by semiconductor and biotech execs in many cases. Massive global energy markets ($6 trillion worldwide energy spend, $300 billion U.S. electricity markets, $20 billion India solar mission), rising energy costs, favorable regulatory landscape,... read more

  • technology blog Tom Rodgers
    Bracing for the Wave, The Anticipation of True Healthcare Reforms and Their Impact on Venture Investing

    The only thing expanding more rapidly than our nation’s healthcare spending is the body mass index of the average American. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the political winds finally seem to be prevailing in favor of tackling the daunting challenges facing our health care system – a system... read more

  • technology blog Andrew Friendly
    A Stimulus for Cleantech

    The Obama Administration’s focus on clean energy development and climate change mitigation efforts combined with the recently enacted stimulus package will be a boon to the cleantech sector over the next couple of years.  ATV and our portfolio companies are looking closely at how to benefit from the money coming... read more

  • technology blog Bill Wiberg
    Great Minds Think Alike and Fools Seldom Differ

    Great organizations thrive on diversity of thought and ideas.  Stating the obvious? You’d be surprised.  Human nature has a way of congregating like-minded individuals with similar... read more

  • technology blog Tom Rodgers
    Beyond Therapeutics

    Therapeutic devices represent the core target of VCs firms investing in medtech. Companies developing these technologies have reeled in the bulk of venture dollars over the past two decades. The attraction to therapeutics is unlikely to fade, as there always will be... read more

  • technology blog Robert Finocchio
    14 Rules for Managing a Board of Directors

    Managing your board is really code for “How to be more successful as a CEO.” Why the advice?  For many new venture CEOs “managing” a board is a new experience.  It is very different from their previous experience of “having a boss,” and often the source of unnecessary anxiety and... read more

  • technology blog Andrew Friendly
    East vs. West Coast: The Myths & The Realities

    When I attended MIT’s recent Energy Conference, one of the clichés about the differences between the East and West Coasts struck me as being accurate. I wore jeans and a blazer to the Saturday conference and three times the casualness of my outfit was remarked on. In California, where I lived for seven years... read more

  • technology blog Bob Hower
    What's the Big Idea?

    The other day a friend of mine asked, “What technology do you think will have the greatest impact on our lives over the next 10 years?” I thought this was a great question. I’m in the habit of thinking about technology evolution in terms of four or five years, so ten years allows for two cycles and many... read more